Monday, April 1

Hang in there!

Kapadokya, Turkey Apologies but there seems to be something crazy with Flickr. For years, I've been using Flickr as a platform for uploading images onto my blog. But somehow due to a stupid bug, all my image links have now all gone kapoot and I'm left with missing images. On almost all 840 of my posts. Dating 2009 onwards. I know this sounds really silly but it makes me so sad and I feel like I've just kind of lost a whole chunk of me. You know, the feeling you get when your hard disk crashes? Yes, that feeling...

All the time, effort, thoughts put into writing and uploading each post... I've tried ways to re-upload all my photos. I've contacted Flickr but no one's helped me out. And I've tried tweaking things around. Darren's tried reading up on the situation as well, but there seems to not be a way we can solve the issue.

So, I have decided to take a bit of a blog break. Take time off to re-think a plan... Perhaps I'll start a fresh new blog. Perhaps I'll just keep writing on this very same space.. I don't know. I do still want to keep blogging though. I've been blogging and writing since 2000. 13 years. And I am not ready to give up just yet. So yes, please hang in there while I sort this out. Thanks for your patience. I know I say this a lot, but I truly, dearly appreciate all the support and kindness my readers have shown me all these years. Blogging, it's just such a big part of me. Boo to all the silly bugs, technological trip ups. I know Handmadelove's much stronger than this! Oh well.. I'll be back!


  1. I have another blog friend who recently lost all of her blog images. Could it be something with blogger?

  2. Hi Dawn, my heart goes out to you buddy.
    I'm no techy but usually all the info and images that we have saved up in our comp is retrievable somehow. Go get tech help. I know how painful it is for you.

    Don't stop writing or uploading your beatiful paintings. I heart them a lot. I go to your colourful blog almost everyday to check it out.


  3. Hang in there.. hope flicker restores your pictures soon!!

  4. Unfortunately it's due to the Flickr privacy bug that has plagued quite some number of users. Basically the story goes that a bug caused a number of private photos to become public. As a fix to that problem, Flickr stealthily flipped the switch so affected photos became private. It appears they made private more photos than they should, and when they swapped those back to public, all the URLs (by design) changed... affecting many websites pulling images from Flickr accounts everywhere.

    In any case, the new website is nearly done! Dawn is just tinkering around the edges now so I think it's not too long a wait to go, and we're all excited to get it launched!

  5. Dawn, please keep blogging I love your blog, and I loved having you come and work with me in my art room at school!!

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