Wednesday, March 27

What makes me happy

Packing for a day at the beachA day at the beachFreelance work in progressFreelance work in progressFreelance work in progressArty Birthday PartyCooking more pasta at homeMy Lovely Preps!Feather Garland!Chiko Roll In progressChiko Roll Drawing in progressBy my preps!Year 5s in action!Year 5s in action!Drawing in ProgressMartine's lovely Seddon homeGoing dot crazy while at TreneryOn my way to teach a classMY FIRST EVER Pavlova!Jason Mraz!Jason Mraz!Indulgence at Jason Mraz's gigTeaching a Private watercolour classDate Night
As you can tell, I've been keeping myself very busy. Last few weeks of Term 1. I've been working in my happy little school (Seriously dream job. It makes me super smiley everyday!), I ran an arty birthday party for a cute little 5 year olds. And I did a school workshop at a cool school out in Knox. Super far away, but oh so fun. I've been working on several freelance and personal drawing projects. I've started painting houses too. I also ran a private watercolour workshop and will continue to run a few more in the coming weeks.

Apart from work, I've managed to somehow squeeze in lots of other non-work bits. Such as cooking, eating out, shopping, going for my first ever gig (ah yes! At 26, my first ever gig... to watch Jason Mraz live, no less!)...I tried my first ever serve of Pavlova. I am now officially Australian-ised I think. Can't believe it took me 5 years of living in Sunny OZ to finally try it. And I loved every bit of it! Darren and I went to the beach. And to top things off, I received a cute and very generous surprise feather garland from my talented friend Madeleine Sargent. It is Oh So beautiful. I do believe, lovely things like these keep me going!

So yes, lots of things going on. People often ask me how I do it. Well honestly, I don't know. I do get sick and physically worn out at times. (Just like today, I'm home with a sore throat!) But at the end of the day, I'm happy doing what I do and that's what's most important right? : ) I hope no matter where you are, what sort of jobs you've got, you're happy and filled up to the brim with love by the people around you. xoxo


  1. Hi Dawn, I've just discovered your lovely blog and watercolour paintings! I'm just starting out with watercolours and I just want to say your work is incredibly inspiring! :)